Thursday, May 11, 2006

Pre-Departure Nonsense

So... the Peace Corps should be freaking elated with my dental work. I spent the past two days with half of my face numb to replace my two existing fillings. Other than that, Texas has been very sedate. And I'm liking it. I get to spend a month tubing on the Guadalupe with old friends and drinking Dad's pinot. I see no problem with this so far. Mom and Dad leave on the 29th, and that gives me two weeks to myself and a bunch of reckless boys. I hope I don't break anything. I don't really know anything about staging yet, but I'm assuming they'll tell me in the near future. On that note, a glass of wine is calling.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Georgia On My Mind

I've never made a blog. So I feel like kind of a blog poser, because (and let's be honest) I would probably never have made one otherwise. So this is what I'm told is the best thing to do to inform people about the "experience". I can feel the quotations marks when people tell me moving to Georgia will be a life changing "experience". The undertone clearly being a "disease infested" "ethnicly-war torn", yet amazing, "experience". But I feel like it will be good for me. Kind of like the way bed times are good. I hate them... but I love them. So far what I've been told is this:

It will be cold.

Georgians are similar to Greeks in personality.

I may get a down sleeping bag.

This will be important when Russian separatists blow up the gas pipelines which they sometimes have a tendency of doing.

There is good wine everywhere... and Georgian's like wine... a lot.

In fact so much so that they may have alcohol abuse issues.

Georgians tend to break out into song, which I am totally cool with.

I look Georgian... Right...

And that sums up pretty much everything I know as of yet, other than really boring or scary stuff that I don't care to dwell on. Or at least inform EVERYONE over the flipping internet! The last thing I need is my Mom quoting some crime statistic she got off MY WEBSITE. That would just be too perfect. Not that I don't love my mom, but you know... It's the mom. She worries when I drive the car 2 miles over the speedlimit. As of yet, the departure date looks like June 12. I'll try to write before then, but the interesting stuff comes when I'm there! Gosh. Until then, I'm anxiously selling all of my worldly possessions and the like. Write more later. Over and out.